Woodburning Stove vs Gas Fireplace

September 12, 2022


Woodburning Stove vs Gas Fireplace

Nothing creates a more cosy and warm atmosphere than a fireplace, particularly as we head into the autumn/winter months. When it comes to adding a fireplace to your home, there are a few different options available. One of these options is whether you opt for a wood burning stove or a gas fireplace. Both types have their benefits and in this article we’re looking at the main differences between the two in terms of experience, maintenance and overall costs.

The Experience and Ambience

There’s nothing quite like cosying up in the evenings to the sound and smell of burning wood. The crackling sound and rustic smell instantly injects character into your home, giving it a warm and welcoming feel. The process of lighting a woodburning stove is also an enjoyable one. While gas stoves have improved in recent years to more closely resemble an authentic fire, when it comes to ambience and overall experience, a woodburning stove is far superior.


Woodburning stoves do require more maintenance than a gas fireplace does. However, the process of maintaining a woodburning stove is straightforward and doesn’t take much time at all. We’ve recently written an article that tells you everything you need to know about maintaining your woodburning stove, you can read more here.

Installation Costs

Installation costs do greatly vary depending on the type, style and company you use for your stove. We offer a very competitively priced stove installation service, making woodburning stoves more accessible to everyone. We also have a quick and easy tool on our website that allows you to select a number of options and gain an accurate quote for the supply and installation of a woodburning or multifuel stove, you can find this handy tool here.

Running Costs

When it comes to the ongoing costs of running a gas fireplace and woodburning stoves, both are great options that are considerably less than the costs of heating your home through gas and electric, particularly with the cost of living crisis. When it comes to woodburning stoves, other than small maintenance costs, the main ongoing cost is that of wood. The cost of firewood greatly varies in price across the UK, however, according to Stove Industry Alliance (SIA), a woodburning stove costs about a third of the price of electric heating and around 13% less than gas central heating for the average household under the current price cap. As we all know, costs for gas and electricity are set to soar, making now the ideal time to invest in a woodburning stove.

Added Value to Your Home

A final consideration to make is the value that a gas fireplace and woodburning stove add to your home. Of course, the reason you’re considering investing in a fireplace is for the enjoyment of you and your family, adding value to your home is just one of the other benefits! According to Property Price Advice, adding a woodburning stove to your home adds the same amount of value as a new bathroom and can increase the value of your home by 5%! Adding a stove fireplace to your home also costs a lot less than a new bathroom does, making it a fantastic investment. Due to how sought after wood burning stoves currently are, according to the same source, they add more value to your home than gas fireplaces do.

Closing thoughts

So there you have it, a comparison between woodburning stoves and gas fireplaces. If you are considering investing in a woodburning stove, get in touch today and a member of our team will be happy to help. Alternatively, for an instant quote, check out our handy build your own stove tool here.


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