How Long Do Log Burners Last?

December 14, 2023


How Long Do Log Burners Last?

Like any equipment, your log burner will last longer the better you look after it. As a new owner or a new convert to log burners, we have a few hints and tips to extend the life of your log burner from purchase to use and maintenance.

Chose A Professional Installation

A professional log burner installer comes with knowledge and experience. Not only will you get the correct advice on the installation, but their expertise ensures the log burner installation is correct. The proper installation will ensure your log burner’s longevity, maximum efficiency and performance. 

A professional company will also discuss the choice of the log burner and the fuel it burns. The correct energy needs to be used with your log burner to avoid damaging it and to ensure what you are burning is efficient, provides the heat you want and is environmentally friendly.

Maintenance So Your Log Burner Will Stand The Test Of Time

With proper care and attention, you will have many years to enjoy the crackle of your fire, its ambience, and a significant reduction in your heating outlay. Log burners are a significant investment, and to keep yours efficient, cost-effective and have a long life, some things are essential to do regularly. These are not tricky jobs, but it is best to set up a routine—remember, in winter, the jobs need to occur slightly more often.

Look After Your Chimney

Cleaning a chimney is not a DIY job – unless you happen to be a chimney sweep! If soot builds up in the chimney, it will not expel the smoke properly. This smoke contains dangerous gasses that will get into your home.

Another unpleasant prospect is a chimney fire caused by the build-up of soot. The best way to avoid these problems is to hire a professional chimney sweep. They are not overly expensive, are worth the investment, and have all the correct tools to avoid making a mess. When in active use, cleaning your chimney should be about every 3 months.

Keeping The Inside Of A Log Burner Clean

This is not as dirty a job as you might think. The key to doing it is to take your time. Ash can easily mix into the air; to avoid this, gently move the ash to one side and collect it into a metal container. Wait for the log burner to cool down, and wear protective gloves.

Do not keep ash in the house. Most local authorities collect ash with garden waste. Or you can take it to the local recycling centre. If you have your own compost, add the ash to this as it is a valuable soil fertiliser.

Keep an eye on the ash pan; remove it when it gets to above one inch. Too much ash in the tray can restrict the airflow, and your fire will burn less efficiently.

Keeping The Outside Of Your Log Burner Clean

It is best to use a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush attachment for this job. Wiping down with a dry cloth avoids streaking and causing potential rust problems. Remember, log burners do not require polishing. Remember to ensure the burner has cooled down before you start cleaning.

Keeping The Glass Of Your Log Burner Clean

Use a cleaner specially designed for log burners. Wipe over the glass, leave for a few minutes, then wipe down with a damp cloth. Soot covering the glass is a common problem, easily solved by dipping a damp cloth into the ashes and rubbing it over the soot. Only use wood ash, as coal ash will scratch the surface of your glass.

If you have any questions about the care and maintenance of your log burner, please contact us.


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